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Seva Kendra / सेवा केन्द्र

केंद्रीय सेवा अधिकारी बोर्ड

Central Services Officers Board

भ्रष्टाचार रोको / STOP CORRUPTION

If you have been harassed by corruption in the offices or any officer or employee has asked for a bribe or if you have any definite information in this regard, then you will immediately send an email to [email protected]

To resolve the pending cases in the CSOB, contact us directly. To hear the complaints, contact the 'Solution Centre' division, New Delhi or file a complaint at e-mail [email protected]

The process of  is done in terms of routine and in a transparent manner with broad publicity. The initiative application form will be done through the Online( and central office only at New Delhi only. Therefore, avoid avoiding brokers, middlemen and agents in case of allocation. The application form is not available in the market.

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