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Natural Biodiversity

Biological disturbances directly impact on Humans Life. However, species adapt to urban challenges, sheds light on evolution and provides clues about modern scientific way of conservation is the solution to retain the Natural Biodiversity for the healthy benefit of whole Mankind.

There is no doubt that urban development has had a negative impact on biodiversity, particularly since the Infrastructural / Industrial revolution. But it's not all bad news, many animal and plant species have adapted to the new stresses, food sources, predators and threats in urban and suburban environments, where they thrive near humans. The scientific methods to retain habitat has gained enormous success, provided with valuable—and sometimes unexpected insights into evolutionary and selective benefits for human’s life because these adaptations have to be rapid. Cities are in some respects comply with natural selection for ecological benefits.

Indeed, scientific natural conservation methods exemplify how a natural environment can be created and enhanced by conservation initiatives. Housing parks tend to be located at the edge of, or sometimes within, cities, and have three valuable characteristics. Open spaces can be cultivated for vegetation and medicinal herbs; buildings with large flat roofs can be turned into green areas for further use, for example, for ground-nesting birds and a tendency to be quiet at night, therefore providing the heaven for nocturnal species. Vertical parks can be developed that include suitable green areas with small plants/trees and shrubs/herbs, or to turn rooftops into green by incorporating gravel or soil. In addition to attracting species, such sites offer other advantages that will help to attract both developers, planners, and the public. CSOB insists. “We've also seen that if more attention is paid to the green design of infrastructure sites, most people like it and members are happier to live in pure and fresh natural ambience.”

These principles are not confined solely to infrastructure sites. Green Roofs / Wall / Terrace & Balcony have been catching on quickly in several European cities, particularly in Germany and the UK. Green Roofs / Wall / Terrace & Balcony and other open green spaces form ecological networks within cities that provide space for birds and species, as well as some plants, with a flexible ecosystem on a relatively modest total surface area to the movement of animals and plants for balance ecosystem. “We have come up with a kind of green building concept across Delhi, India as per MPD 2021 Plan,” our team is now working with architects to spread awareness, design green buildings, acquire land for development and enhance memberships.

We will adopt scientific methods to retain natural habitat evolution and adaptive processes for the development of flora and fauna for the benefit of mankind. It creates the potential to mitigate the negative effects of lifestyle. Let’s join hands together to make a positive change in society & environment and live a solely pure happy and healthy natural lifestyle.

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