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Seva Kendra / सेवा केन्द्र

केंद्रीय सेवा अधिकारी बोर्ड

Central Services Officers Board


CSOB intends to purchase land(s) parcels thru strategic partnership for implementation of MPD-2021. We promote voluntary submission of land by owners himself/herself to CSOB. It helps to achieve:

a. Eliminate distress sale by landowners and considering CSOB as a potential buyer for the same.

b. The CSOB can elicit if some landowners would be so keen about the benefits of a particular project that they would be willing to sell their land to CSOB.

c. To make the process Speedy, seamless and efficient.

Land owners decide to sell their land due to various reasons. Sometimes, they are forced by their circumstances to go in for distress sales. Sometimes these sales are not executed on time as per land owner requirements or fraudulent activities happen in between or very low pricing below market value. This portal provides a platform to prevent distress sale by offering the land to CSOB. Mechanism are as follows:

i. Registration as a seller: Seller can apply for registration any time. Seller should submit relevant documents and quote their expected rate while submitting online application. Every offer shall be duly acknowledged.

ii. Eligibility Conditions:  

a. The offered land must be free from all encumbrances.

b. All the landowners irrespective of the extent of their respective shares and all the tenants (if any) shall apply jointly.

c. There shall be unambiguous entries in the Government land records.

iii. Documents to be filed with the application: Seller may either upload scanned copy or send the self-attested copy to CSOB of the following:

a. Land records (copies of Jamabandi, mutation, sale deeds, khasra girdawari, aksh shijra, field book etc);

b. The undertaking of the tenant (if any) that he understands that the acceptance by the Government of the offer to sell the land would bring his tenancy to an end. and that he has no objection to it.

c. The pendency of no litigation declaration;

d. Indemnification undertaking against any further litigation.

iv. Intimation to Departments / Wings: Every offer of land registered on the portal shall be informed to the concerned departments/wings;

v. Scrutiny of land offers: Concerned departments/wings shall examine the offer and decide whether it meets with any of their present or future requirements. Department shall inspect the site and ascertain reasonability of rates within thirty working days.

vi. Implementation of purchase: Any Department/wings desirous of proceeding with purchase shall seek through the portal any better offers that anyone in the vicinity of the area may like to make within fifteen working days. After this, the Department shall approach the Governing Board for scrutiny of their proposal along­ with details of the offer for finalizing the final negotiated rates.

vii. Sale and transfer of possession: Immediately upon finalization of purchase, the LOI (letter of intent) shall be issued by the CSOB Department to the applicant(s) to complete the sale transaction. Release of payment to applicant(s) shall be done at the time of registration. Possession shall be taken by CSOB immediately.

viii. CSOB reserve the right to appoint subject matter expert for carrying out the above.

Kindly fill the below form to submit the details or Competent Authority can be contacted at:


65, Aviraj Bhavan, 1st Floor

Sector-12A, Dwarka,

New Delhi - 110075

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