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Seva Kendra / सेवा केन्द्र

केंद्रीय सेवा अधिकारी बोर्ड

Central Services Officers Board



A unique initiative for the sole purpose of awareness about MPD 2021 - housing prototype features and amenities. 

In the joint session of the Parliament by the Hon'ble President of India, it was announced that till the completion of 75 years of nation's independence, every family will have a permanent house with water connections, toilets facilities, 24x7 power supply and other facilities.

The Hon'ble Prime Minister has started the housing project for everyone after the completion of 75 years of independence of the nation in 2022. Out of the various components of this scheme, under the 'Affordable Housing in Partnership' (AHPP) component, there are multi-storeyed buildings available in the various schemes of Housing and Development.

Accordingly, National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into planning zones as per Master Plan of Delhi-2021 (MPD-2021), prepared by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and approved by the Central Government under Section 11A (2) of Delhi Development Act 1957 and notified on 7th February 2007 (The Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II–Section 3 Subsection (ii) No. 125 (Magha 18, 1928) vide S.O. 141- (E).

The Master Plan for Delhi 2021, notified on 07.02.2007 stipulates that the Land Pooling Policy would be based on the optimum utilization of available resources, both public and private in land assembly, development / redevelopment & housing, which has been now been added in the form of Chapter 19.0 on Land Policy vide S.O.No.2687 (E) Dt. 5.9.13. Based on the vision in MPD-2021, Land Pooling Policy vide Gazette Notification No. 2076 Dated 05.09.2013 has been notified to envisage the planned development of Delhi.

As approved by “Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs” the Delhi development authority (DDA) has prepared a PPP model, for the development of residential, commercial and biodiversity parks under Delhi Master Plan 2021 to Delhi became the first iconic smart city of the country.

Land area under different zones of New Delhi are J- Zone15,178 – K 1 Zone 5,782 – K 2 Zone 6,408 – L Zone 22,840 – N Zone 13,975 – P1 Zone 9,866 – P2 Zone 8,534 Acres.

The board has legally come into force under Indian trust act 1884,  with the intensive joint ideas of ministry of environment, forest & climate change and Ministry of Housing and Urban development to serve the objective; CSOB unites the Indian nationality representative and employees of ministries, apex bodies, commissions, committees, missions, autonomous organizations, independent departments, academies, institutions, legislature, judiciary, international, union government, states & UT’s of the Republic of India for the welfare of Members and country as a whole.

The CSOB has reserved 60% of its membership for the Hon’ble judiciary, defence, Indian nationality representative, ministries, apex bodies, commissions, committees, missions, autonomous bodies, independent department, academies, institutions, legislature, international, union government, states and UT’s of India having grade ‘A’ cadre, besides this 15% is open for general public and 25% for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category.

CSOB objective is to retain the natural biodiversity (flora & fauna) with the scientific method of operation in developing era of housing and commercial development with the grateful contribution/participation of members as it is open to all the citizen of Republic of India in National Capital Region of India. We are committed for organization transparency, accountability and services. We have acquired land as per guidelines of land acquisition act, tendering guidelines Govt. of India, land allotment guidelines of DDA for public utility like school, collage, hospitals, religious, welfare clubs structure etc.  & statutory accounting compliance of RERA.  The procurement process is going on as per CSOB Land procurement guidelines, for its projects of housing & related infrastructural facilities units development for various income classes under the direction and procedure of Delhi Master Plan 2021 by DDA. Towards releasing our mandated objectives, we work on "No Profit No Loss" and “Self-Financing” basis.


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